The Brewery

THUNDERWING BREWING is an American Craft brewery which is operating out of the west side of Columbus (2419 Scioto Harper Drive Columbus OH 43204). Focusing on a wide variety of offerings, from light easy drinkers, to dark robust ales with plenty of hoppy options as well! In addition, interesting keg infusions can be found on the tap list as well as harder to find styles such as the California Common and Dark Mild. Aside from the beer, Thunderwing Brewing offers a consistent line-up of food trucks such as Fetty’s and Eye of the Tiger. Its taproom features 5 pinball machines and a ‘lounge’ with a TV for game day or just an inclusive spot for a small group to gather. Also, there are events! Taproom yoga, euchre, and music trivia just to name a few!


Meet the owner! Jason Wing has been an avid homebrewer for 10 years developing his craft extensively and has transitioned to the commercial scale. Other than brewing, he is a dad, a southpaw, a runner, and a big fan of Metallica.


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